Stellar Labs HDMI x Audio Extractor


Simple adapter that allows you to pull an rca audio output or toslink from an hdmi line.



Model# 33-11632

HDMI Audio Extractor Compact device connects in line with an HDMI signal and provides selectable analog or digital output. It is perfect when an audio signal needs to be fed to a sound system, and only HDMI signal is available. It is great for feeding audio from HDMI sources into distributed audio and background music/paging systems, professional audio equipment and DJ systems.
  • Supports HDMI 3D video modes as well as multichannel audio, including Dolby TrueHDT and DTS-HD Master AudioT.
  • Additional uses include extracting 7.1 digital audio from the HDMI output of the Xbox One.
  • 5.1 TOSLINK digital optical
  • L/R analog stereo output
  • HDMI female input and output connections
  • Rugged metal housing
  • Power requirements: 5VDC, 1A, AC adapter included
  • Dimensions: 7/8″ (H) x 2-3/8″ (W) x 2-1/2″(D)