Lone Junglist

Linked couple of tracks together off an E.P titled 6Blocc. A collection of tracks from 1998 with all the original ragga stylee.
Lburners-Lone Junglist

Dj Vadim

Couple mixes off of the dj vadim Sound cloud. Guy drops some pretty solid mixes. Few different genres and the live mixes are on point.Maybe you can like him on facebook if you are into that.

A-Dog Archive

I have been compiling some A-Dog mixes not featured on his blog . Unfortunately I do not have the original cover work available so will try to fill in some of the blanks with some Blotto Photos. I will be archiving and all of these will be able to be downloaded here. If you hear a soundsurvivor drop in the mix its because of a missing or scratched track. Definitely not trying to plug anything here.
Dj A Dog-Dub

Dj A Dog-Colors

Dj A Dog-Downtempo Buttas Vol.2

Dj A Dog-Instmntl

Dj A Dog- Krylon